Here’s to NOT looking at you kid…. or why Jeff Probst has the answer

Do you ever get the feeling when you are out and about that people are starting at you?  Do you wonder if it is what you are wearing, is something in your teeth, a hair out of place or the dreaded toilet paper on the shoe?  This feeling drives me nuts.  Of course it is balanced out by the equally present “invisible” feeling when you wonder if anyone even sees you as they bounce off you with shopping carts or little kids and ignore you when you are trying to order food, get a drink or try to ask how much is that doggie in the window….

Enter Jeff Probst.  I am a HUGE Survivor fan and even auditioned for the show once.  (I doubt I could survive the bugs so it’s a good thing I didn’t get selected).  Stranger than strange, Jeff has the answer to “Why are people staring at me?”  Check it out and see if you agree.  Here’s a short synopsis but his story about how he came to this epiphany is a good read.

“Today’s long winded offering: Nobody is looking at you.
Go about your day. Live as you want. Do what you desire. Nobody cares.

We’re all too busy worrying what you’re thinking about us to care what we think about you.”

Thanks Jeff.  I’m off to enjoy my day!  image

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Put a little more ‘ing’ in your life today!

~~~  like dancing, laughing, singing, learning, reading, and perhaps just being.~~~~

I was reading a journal I created last year (but somehow never got around to using…) and today’s title was one of the motivational quotes that I included.  So now as I am in a bit of a break between work projects, I’m gearing up to add some ‘ing’ to the next couple of weeks.

‘ing’  # 1– Learning Spanishimage

My adorable husband is convinced that I’m just not trying hard enough to learn Spanish, his native language.  I’m convinced I don’t have the “language gene” in me.  The next few weeks will be the test.   I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a private tutor or even having my housekeeper teach me.  Enter “Instant Immersion” super deluxe edition with dvds, workbooks and computer dvds.  I’m going to dedicate 1 hour a day for the next couple of weeks to this.  If this doesn’t work, nothing will! 

Have you tried to learn a language (after college age)?  What worked?

‘ing’ #2 – Dancing (and laughing) more

imageI love to dance.  Not very good at it but it makes me smile and laugh.  The husband and I tried to take tango classes a couple of years ago but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when we “got serious” and in the “tango pose”.  2 lessons and I had to stop because I was disrupting the class.  Maybe it’s nervousness, maybe it just releases my inner joy.  Enter Kinect and Dance Central.  I begged for the Kinect when it came out and we’ve had it for a while now.  I giggle like mad when I dance to it so it needs to be a solitary venture until I get more comfortable with the moves.  Again with the time off in the next couple of weeks (especially solo time a the house) I should be at master level in no time!   Keep checking back for progress reports!

Does anyone else giggle when they dance?  Why, oh why does it happen???

‘ing’ #3 – Reading (for me and not for work, news, internet, etc.)

On my reading table now … (I’ll be busy…)


in the kitchen now …


I’m on a bit of a Bethenny kick right now.  Just really like how she shoots straight and is in her own way down to earth.  Watch her show …  it will add some laughing  to your Monday.  And yes I know the first kitchen book contradicts the last two…  what can I say except I am a work in progress.

and finally a few ‘ings’ to do less of 

These are things I want to do a bit less of these next few weeks and hopefully it will trickle into my core…. 

  • stressing
  • brooding
  • dieting

What ‘ing’ do you want to add to your day?  What ‘ing’ do you want to remove?  Let’s start a swap!

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A golden moment

A great story to start off 2011.  If you haven’t heard about Ted Williams check it out.  At least two lessons here —  1) Don’t judge a book by its cover and 2) Everyone can make a difference in someone’s life.  A videographer for the Columbus Dispatch, Doral Chenoweth, heard this man’s golden voice and posted a video online.  The rest is history.image  I’ve always had a hidden desire to help a homeless person get back on their feet so maybe this is why Ted’s story resonates so deeply.

So besides being an uplifting story, what am I learning from this?  Actually it comes from two of Ted’s quotes from his Today Show appearance.

1.  The Golden Rule“Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you”  Although he was homeless and had no reason to be pleasant or happy, he was steadfast in being polite and friendly to everyone because that was all he wanted in return.  I must admit there are people in my life that I don’t follow that rule with.  Different reasons for each one but I will work to follow Ted’s example and extend that kindness and honesty as that was all I really wanted too.

2.  Meditate before Medicate: My deepest wish is that Ted is able to handle his newly found fame and work as it has come at him so fast.  He received some good advice that will hopefully keep him grounded and give him that space to relax and not feel that he needs to live up to anyone’s expectations.  A therapist told him to meditate before medicating after he asked for an anxiety pill before his tv appearance.  WOW. 

Ok, so this probably isn’t new to anyone else but I just heard it in a way that I think will stick.  I tend to medicate first (with food usually) and then just neglect the meditate part.  It’s a vicious cycle.  I feel that I don’t have the time, or maybe deserve to take the time, to focus on why I’m feeling – stressed, frightened, bored, etc.  Or maybe I’m afraid of what that internal focusing will reveal.  So for now, I’ll follow Ted’s example and I will meditate on a faraway beach (he went to the Caribbean with his mom once) – nothing else – until the calmness washes over me like the sun.imageimage

Thank you Ted

All the best!

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Three Tips To Start Your 2011 With Meaning (via The Official Pure Barre Blog)

A good perspective on reframing your thoughts for the new year!

Three Tips To Start Your 2011 With Meaning Welcome to the Pure Barre Blog! What better way to start us off than from a post by Pete Kirchmer, a Certified Professional Life Coach and member of the International Coach Federation? You're probably thinking, "What advice can a Life & Wellness coach offer at New Years that can make a quick and significant impact without being cliché?" Well, here it goes…three tips to start off your 2011 right, no clichés necessary: 1. According to The Cente … Read More

via The Official Pure Barre Blog

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Today I am thankful for ….


My husband … I am still convinced I am the luckiest woman on the planet!

My family  …  we don’t see each other as much as I would like and there aren’t that many of us.  Shared experiences and such a deep love.   I still cry every time I see my dad because I love him so much and it still feels so good to be in his arms.

My friends …  thank you for being a friend and adding such great joy and richness to my life.


SNOW!  Thankful for the fluffy white stuff that makes me smile.

It just kept coming yesterday…  housebound again today with the husband Smile  Does it get any better??




This guy walked by this morning with a shovel. 

I think he headed to the bottom of the hill to rescue his car.


P1020561It’s a beautiful and super sunny morning. 18 degrees and not expected to warm up at all.

Love the way the sun hits the snow and makes it sparkle.




Thankful for another sunny day with the husband in the home that we love.  Thinking of friends and family across the world and sending warm and glowing thoughts.

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The snow is here (and why I love my treadmill)

Housebound today with the husband and the SNOW!  I think we got at least 3” so far!!  It started out very light yesterday and today it’s been a regular snowstorm!  Increasing snow predicted tonight.  Woo Hoo!!!  (I love the snow .. watching it fall,walking around in it, snowboarding, snowman building and catching it on my tongue!)

view out of the windows this morning…


view from the treadmill


If your treadmill had a great view would you spend more time there?

I’m off to run a few treadmill miles .. through the snow Winking smile

Have a great, snowy day!

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It’s coming…

Snow,  that is Smile .  My house is at 600’ in elevation so no snow here but I can see snow on the mountains in the distance.  Husband indulged me today and drove with me to check out the snowfall from the past couple of days.


Someone built this extra large snowman …  nice finishing touches with the branches and the smile!


I’m holding out to build one in my one backyard so stayed tuned for pictures.




I would love to move back to the mountains.  P1020497

We saw this house for sale … bigger than our current house, in the mountains and even less expensive than our current place.  I fell in love without even going inside.  To far to drive though so I’ll just continue dreaming.  Ever dream of moving even though your current place is just perfect? 

Off to dream some more, watch some college football and hibernate for a bit…  I love winter!

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