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Frustrated Dealing with Injury

I’m finding it difficult to exercise and eat right, let alone work a full day with my shoulder in such pain.  I have the world record knot under my right scapula and all of the physical therapy, ice, heat and … Continue reading

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Snow tonight??

…. in the mountains anyway.  I love this time of year and always feel my best in the Fall and winter.  My friend and I decided it is because we can dress in layers and not worry about having to … Continue reading

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Beautiful Packaging (great idea too!)

I’m always intrigued by packaging and when it is combined with a great sounding product well that’s a double win.  Check out this new tea coming to Whole Foods.  Sokenbicha — based on Japanese 5 Element Philosophy. I love tea … Continue reading

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Ok, I just watched as they brought up the 22nd miner, Samuel Avalos — and cried.  The way he kissed his

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Humility is a gift and a joy to see

I cried when I watched the Phoenix 2 arrive into the bottom of the mine in Chile.  Were you watching?  I cried again when they brought the first miner to the surface.  Thank you god for the use of technology and the … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Gift

This morning was one of those mornings … scale provided negative feedback and I was anxious about seeing some people I hadn’t seen in weeks — would they notice I had gained weight?  Do I look ok?  All that negative … Continue reading

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Run or Wait/Weight

Dilemna of the day … ok it’s the same dilmena most days but today I’m ready to write about it.  A few days ago I wrote about how rigidity keeps me from things, running being one of those things.  My weight (5’5″ … Continue reading

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