It’s coming…

Snow,  that is Smile .  My house is at 600’ in elevation so no snow here but I can see snow on the mountains in the distance.  Husband indulged me today and drove with me to check out the snowfall from the past couple of days.


Someone built this extra large snowman …  nice finishing touches with the branches and the smile!


I’m holding out to build one in my one backyard so stayed tuned for pictures.




I would love to move back to the mountains.  P1020497

We saw this house for sale … bigger than our current house, in the mountains and even less expensive than our current place.  I fell in love without even going inside.  To far to drive though so I’ll just continue dreaming.  Ever dream of moving even though your current place is just perfect? 

Off to dream some more, watch some college football and hibernate for a bit…  I love winter!

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One Response to It’s coming…

  1. Cute pictures! I’ve been enjoying browsing your blog. 🙂 Very positive energy going on here; kudos to you.

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