Today I am thankful for ….


My husband … I am still convinced I am the luckiest woman on the planet!

My family  …  we don’t see each other as much as I would like and there aren’t that many of us.  Shared experiences and such a deep love.   I still cry every time I see my dad because I love him so much and it still feels so good to be in his arms.

My friends …  thank you for being a friend and adding such great joy and richness to my life.


SNOW!  Thankful for the fluffy white stuff that makes me smile.

It just kept coming yesterday…  housebound again today with the husband Smile  Does it get any better??




This guy walked by this morning with a shovel. 

I think he headed to the bottom of the hill to rescue his car.


P1020561It’s a beautiful and super sunny morning. 18 degrees and not expected to warm up at all.

Love the way the sun hits the snow and makes it sparkle.




Thankful for another sunny day with the husband in the home that we love.  Thinking of friends and family across the world and sending warm and glowing thoughts.

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