A golden moment

A great story to start off 2011.  If you haven’t heard about Ted Williams check it out.  At least two lessons here —  1) Don’t judge a book by its cover and 2) Everyone can make a difference in someone’s life.  A videographer for the Columbus Dispatch, Doral Chenoweth, heard this man’s golden voice and posted a video online.  The rest is history.image  I’ve always had a hidden desire to help a homeless person get back on their feet so maybe this is why Ted’s story resonates so deeply.

So besides being an uplifting story, what am I learning from this?  Actually it comes from two of Ted’s quotes from his Today Show appearance.

1.  The Golden Rule“Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you”  Although he was homeless and had no reason to be pleasant or happy, he was steadfast in being polite and friendly to everyone because that was all he wanted in return.  I must admit there are people in my life that I don’t follow that rule with.  Different reasons for each one but I will work to follow Ted’s example and extend that kindness and honesty as that was all I really wanted too.

2.  Meditate before Medicate: My deepest wish is that Ted is able to handle his newly found fame and work as it has come at him so fast.  He received some good advice that will hopefully keep him grounded and give him that space to relax and not feel that he needs to live up to anyone’s expectations.  A therapist told him to meditate before medicating after he asked for an anxiety pill before his tv appearance.  WOW. 

Ok, so this probably isn’t new to anyone else but I just heard it in a way that I think will stick.  I tend to medicate first (with food usually) and then just neglect the meditate part.  It’s a vicious cycle.  I feel that I don’t have the time, or maybe deserve to take the time, to focus on why I’m feeling – stressed, frightened, bored, etc.  Or maybe I’m afraid of what that internal focusing will reveal.  So for now, I’ll follow Ted’s example and I will meditate on a faraway beach (he went to the Caribbean with his mom once) – nothing else – until the calmness washes over me like the sun.imageimage

Thank you Ted

All the best!

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One Response to A golden moment

  1. Cait says:

    Great post and I saw this on the Today Show as well. What a wonderful story 🙂

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