Put a little more ‘ing’ in your life today!

~~~  like dancing, laughing, singing, learning, reading, and perhaps just being.~~~~

I was reading a journal I created last year (but somehow never got around to using…) and today’s title was one of the motivational quotes that I included.  So now as I am in a bit of a break between work projects, I’m gearing up to add some ‘ing’ to the next couple of weeks.

‘ing’  # 1– Learning Spanishimage

My adorable husband is convinced that I’m just not trying hard enough to learn Spanish, his native language.  I’m convinced I don’t have the “language gene” in me.  The next few weeks will be the test.   I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a private tutor or even having my housekeeper teach me.  Enter “Instant Immersion” super deluxe edition with dvds, workbooks and computer dvds.  I’m going to dedicate 1 hour a day for the next couple of weeks to this.  If this doesn’t work, nothing will! 

Have you tried to learn a language (after college age)?  What worked?

‘ing’ #2 – Dancing (and laughing) more

imageI love to dance.  Not very good at it but it makes me smile and laugh.  The husband and I tried to take tango classes a couple of years ago but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when we “got serious” and in the “tango pose”.  2 lessons and I had to stop because I was disrupting the class.  Maybe it’s nervousness, maybe it just releases my inner joy.  Enter Kinect and Dance Central.  I begged for the Kinect when it came out and we’ve had it for a while now.  I giggle like mad when I dance to it so it needs to be a solitary venture until I get more comfortable with the moves.  Again with the time off in the next couple of weeks (especially solo time a the house) I should be at master level in no time!   Keep checking back for progress reports!

Does anyone else giggle when they dance?  Why, oh why does it happen???

‘ing’ #3 – Reading (for me and not for work, news, internet, etc.)

On my reading table now … (I’ll be busy…)


in the kitchen now …


I’m on a bit of a Bethenny kick right now.  Just really like how she shoots straight and is in her own way down to earth.  Watch her show …  it will add some laughing  to your Monday.  And yes I know the first kitchen book contradicts the last two…  what can I say except I am a work in progress.

and finally a few ‘ings’ to do less of 

These are things I want to do a bit less of these next few weeks and hopefully it will trickle into my core…. 

  • stressing
  • brooding
  • dieting

What ‘ing’ do you want to add to your day?  What ‘ing’ do you want to remove?  Let’s start a swap!

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