Here’s to NOT looking at you kid…. or why Jeff Probst has the answer

Do you ever get the feeling when you are out and about that people are starting at you?  Do you wonder if it is what you are wearing, is something in your teeth, a hair out of place or the dreaded toilet paper on the shoe?  This feeling drives me nuts.  Of course it is balanced out by the equally present “invisible” feeling when you wonder if anyone even sees you as they bounce off you with shopping carts or little kids and ignore you when you are trying to order food, get a drink or try to ask how much is that doggie in the window….

Enter Jeff Probst.  I am a HUGE Survivor fan and even auditioned for the show once.  (I doubt I could survive the bugs so it’s a good thing I didn’t get selected).  Stranger than strange, Jeff has the answer to “Why are people staring at me?”  Check it out and see if you agree.  Here’s a short synopsis but his story about how he came to this epiphany is a good read.

“Today’s long winded offering: Nobody is looking at you.
Go about your day. Live as you want. Do what you desire. Nobody cares.

We’re all too busy worrying what you’re thinking about us to care what we think about you.”

Thanks Jeff.  I’m off to enjoy my day!  image

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