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The snow is here (and why I love my treadmill)

Housebound today with the husband and the SNOW!  I think we got at least 3” so far!!  It started out very light yesterday and today it’s been a regular snowstorm!  Increasing snow predicted tonight.  Woo Hoo!!!  (I love the snow … Continue reading

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It’s a Rocky morning (and that’s a good thing)

Woo Hoo! Blue sky and white puffy clouds. A beautiful contrast to the leaves changing colors and fluttering to the ground.  Not odd unless you are in the Pacific Northwest in November.  But I love it here. Amazing how a … Continue reading

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Frustrated Dealing with Injury

I’m finding it difficult to exercise and eat right, let alone work a full day with my shoulder in such pain.  I have the world record knot under my right scapula and all of the physical therapy, ice, heat and … Continue reading

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Run or Wait/Weight

Dilemna of the day … ok it’s the same dilmena most days but today I’m ready to write about it.  A few days ago I wrote about how rigidity keeps me from things, running being one of those things.  My weight (5’5″ … Continue reading

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