Surprise weekend and Travel Tips

Spent the weekend in Park City and got to see snow!   I like to surprise the husband with getaways to place he wouldn’t normally go.  I just tell him to pack his bags and be ready to leave! I love giving him surprises.

Special thanks to Spence at All Seasons Adventures for the great mountain biking morning and mine hike in the afternoon. Travel Tip 1:  Hire a local guide to show you places you’ll never find on your own! 

P1020326bike cropP1020341

We stayed at the St Regis Deer Crest (thanks to their great off season rates!)  The service, the hot tub, the view are all amazing!  But the best part – the funicular! Travel Tip 2:  Look for off season rates to stay at places you could never afford or would never splurge on at regular rates.


You park at the bottom and ride to the top to get to the resort and your room.  Very cool way to start a surprise weekend. 

Great buffalo burger here.  Spence took us here for lunch after the mountain biking.  Ambience is mining town, old west saloon  and college football on the tv.  Travel Tip 3:  Trust and ask the locals for eatery advice.  They know great bargains and good foods all in one.


Beautiful weekend — lots of quality husband time. The outdoors always reenergize me!


Now go outside and have a great day!


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Knowledge is Power!

I just got a bodybugg.  I’ve been struggling with feeling my body just doesn’t burn any calories so getting some true measurement data at least calms the mind.  First days results below:bb Day 1

Even better -the scale confirmed this morning by being lower than the day before.



So will this help me reach my goal?  We’ll see.  It calms the head and  provides that daily positive feedback that I crave.  I really like the daily nutritional view that shows the breakdown of protein, carbs & fat. Check this out …

bb day 1 nutrition

I’ve always avoided carbs but this shows that I can fit some more into the day.  Nice view as it also tracks sodium and cholesterol.  Knowledge is power and I feel like a powerful woman this morning!!

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It’s a Rocky morning (and that’s a good thing)

Woo Hoo! Blue sky and white puffy clouds. A beautiful contrast to the leaves changing colors and fluttering to the ground.  Not odd unless you are in the Pacific Northwest in November.  But I love it here.

rockyAmazing how a great workout can exorcise the demons and put you back on the right path.  Mixed things up a bit last night – incline intervals on the treadmill (crazy hard for a FL girl), rowing, the stepmill and the first time on an exercise bike in forever.  I really hate the exercise bike but I managed 5 min standing.  I have this notion that working out on the bike will make my thighs get bigger and bigger with each revolution of the pedals.  Is that crazy?  Take a look at those Tour de France guys – very big thighs…  Hmmm… Grateful for the treadmill runnergirl

Is there an exercise or piece of exercise equipment that you avoid like the plague?  Is it just a preference, for comfort or some crazy notion like mine about the bike? 

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Frustrated Dealing with Injury

I’m finding it difficult to exercise and eat right, let alone work a full day with my shoulder in such pain.  I have the world record knot under my right scapula and all of the physical therapy, ice, heat and ibuprofen just won’t let it loosen and heal.

Sunday I spent 10 min on the rowing machine at the gym and that seems to have helped.  (also ran for 20 and did the stepmill for 20 — which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!) 

Have you had a similar injury?  What did you do to feel better?

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Snow tonight??

…. in the mountains anyway.  I love this time of year and always feel my best in the Fall and winter.  My friend and I decided it is because we can dress in layers and not worry about having to be “beach ready” every day. 

I love drinking tea, snuggling with the husband and watching sports on the weekends.  Do you have a favorite time of year?  What makes it special for you — the angle of the sun, the food, the activities? 

Have a great Fall day!!!

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Beautiful Packaging (great idea too!)

I’m always intrigued by packaging and when it is combined with a great sounding product well that’s a double win.  Check out this new tea coming to Whole Foods.  Sokenbicha based on Japanese 5 Element Philosophy.

I love tea — all kinds so can’t wait to try.  A fellow blogger got her hands on a sample and I’m hoping to get one too.

Zero calorie too!   I like mine tea naked. 🙂  Let me know if you’ve been able to try it. 

Cheers (or should I say bottoms up!)

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Ok, I just watched as they brought up the 22nd miner, Samuel Avalos — and cried.  The way he kissed his

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